Winter Programme 2011

We normally meet at 09:30 in West Herts College Car Park,Dacorum Way (off the Marlowes), Hemel Hempstead, HP11HD (O.S: TL 054074) unless otherwise stated. Bring stout footwear/wellies, waterproofs and warm working clothes. If you intend to stay all day then bring a packed lunch, something to drink and some sun tan lotion!
Please meet at the College if possible to share cars. Many of our sites have very limited parking; car sharing also helps to reduce traffic and pollution. If you wish to go directly to the site please check with a member of the Committee in case details have changed.
Join our e-mail group for discussions and information. Send a blank email to

Sun 11th Dec Blackwater Wood, Hemel, TL094057
This wood has a lovely understorey of coppiced hazel and a glorious show of bluebells in the spring. We previously worked here over a period of 5 years, up until 1996. Today we shall be restarting the traditional woodland management of coppicing - to rejuvenate the hazel and open up the woodland floor.
Leader: Paul
Sat 17th Dec Christmas Party
Our thanks to John for hosting this year’s Christmas Party. Please bring some nibbles and drink to share – arrive 20:00 onwards. It would a great to bring pictures of the year’s events. Please email John for details.
Sun 8th Jan Tring Mystery Walk, Natural History Museum, Akeman Street, Tring, HP23 6AP
Start off the New Year with a circular walk of 6-7 miles. Starting from Tring and including a bit of the canal, bit of the Ridgeway, some historical bits, etc. We will be stopping at a pub on the way for drinks and lunch. Meet at the college as usual, or 10:00 at the main entrance of the Natural History Museum
Leader: Vicky
Tue 17th Jan Programme Planning
In the middle of each programme we meet to plan for the next one. Meet at the “Post Office Arms”, 46 Puller Road, Hemel, HP1 1QN, TL045065 at 19:45. All are welcome and you don’t have to be on the committee to attend. Suggestions for new tasks and events are especially welcome.
Sun 22nd Jan Nicky Line, near Redbourn, TL095107
The old railway line between Hemel and Harpenden is now a much used leisure trail for cyclists and walkers. We will work with the Friends of the Nickey Line to carry out further hazel coppicing along the route near the Redbourn bypass.
Leader: Chris
Sun 5th Feb Wigginton Bottom., SP 941 095
We are helping Wigginton Parish to improve a little woodland area so it can be used more by the local community. The initial task is to clear the hedge around the entrance and along the road, with a view to planting and/or hedgelaying as required.
Leader: Huw
Sun 19th Feb Potten End Pond, HP4 2QQ, TL016088
Following our previous task of coppicing willow (in 2 inches of ice!), this year we are continuing the regular maintenance of the pond by pulling out reeds and weed. As usual, we will be joined by enthusiastic local residents.
Leader: Paul
Tue 28th Feb Hemel Food Garden, Two Waters Rd, Hemel Hempstead, HP3 9BY, TL055059
The Sunnyside Rural Trust has recently taken over the old Dacorum Nursery site and is developing a community-based Food Garden. They are preparing vegetable beds and have already planted an orchard. We are helping them with a major project to manage the hedges around the site. We will coppice and dead-hedge along a large section of the perimeter. We will be joined by other supporters and users of the Food Garden.
No meeting at West Herts College today, please meet at the Food Garden at 10:00. The site entrance is off the (old) Two Waters Rd which is accessed off London Road opposite Staples. Call 07774754617 if lost.
Leader: John E
Sun 4th Mar Hemel Food Garden, Two Waters Rd, Hemel Hempstead, HP3 9BY, TL055059
I said the hedge was a major project! So we are back again to complete the dead hedge around the perimeter fence. No meeting at West Herts College today, please meet at the Food Garden at 10:00 - see directions above.
Leader: Chris